Mission statement

The RSSN is a volunteer lead group which seeks to help new refugees in Saskatoon to realize their potential through higher education. We seek to provide assistance with practical matters - how to submit applications, what English language qualifications are required, etc; and we seek to encourage our mentees to have the self-confidence to pursue the challenge of a degree program.

What we do

The RSSN undertakes the following activities:

  • Serve as a network of information for staff and volunteers between the U of S, SODS, WUSC and other

  • Coordinate and grow group of staff and faculty volunteers at the U of S, who will act as mentors

  • Conduct monthly meetups between mentors and mentees, where we discuss opportunities at the University of Saskatchewan, and provide mentoring and guidance with applications

  • Grow a knowledgebase within the RSSN volunteers for how to deal with different situations faced by refugees

The role of mentors

  • Act as a friendly and supportive person to an individual refugee. The mentor will take the time to understand the refugees situation, aspirations and needs

  • The potential students may not know what they want to study or even if the U of S is right for them. The mentors are there is help find information from within and beyond the U of S, and to assist with communications with the University.

  • Connect refugees with RSSN contacts in the admissions team at the U of S, who will be able to provide information on admissions requirements

  • Assist in cases where documentation is missing to find ways to address this - such as alternative qualifications

  • Mentors may draw on the support and knowledge of the broader RSSN group to deal with challenges that arrise.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the RSSN, please sign up here

Mentor rules are posted here