Hello again!

Assignment 2

Well done on completing Assignment 1! I hope the feedback was useful - try to use the feedback to improve your next assignment.

In Assignment 2, I would like you again to write about yourself. This time, I would like you to write 300-500 words about a past event in your life. You should pick a happy event - it could be a party, a wedding, a holiday, a big meal, or it could be a normal day when you felt happy for some particular reason - a good day at school, a fun time with friends or family, an activity you completed. I would like you to use the simple past tense. The simple past tense looks like this:

In the essay please mention the following things:

The title of your essay should be made up by you, to reflect the event. Make sure you pick a good title so the reader knows what your going to talk about.

Make sure your write your name on your assignment, and also write the date.

When you have completed your assignment, send it to me. You can send in any format except screen shots. PDF, word document, or text in a WhatsApp message is fine.