Assignment 5: The helpful stranger - a conversation

In this weeks assignment, you are going to write out a dialogue. It is a conversation between two people, and you should write it as if you are writing a script for a movie or a play. I provide below an example of what your script should look like. Then I provide the situation that the conversation must cover. Keep your script to 300-500 words and share with me in the usual way.

An example conversation - the accident

(The scene begins with a loud crashing sound)

Stranger 1: Oh my, are you alright?

Stranger 2: Oh… I…, what happened?

Stranger 1: You crashed your bike into this tree. Are you hurt?

Stranger 2: I, um, I don’t think so.

Stranger 1: Here, take my hand. Can you stand up?

Stranger 2: Thank you. I’m OK. My leg is a little bruised, but it’s not serious.

Stranger 1: Your bike wasn’t so lucky.

Stranger 2: Oh no, my sister’s new bike. She is going to be so upset.

Stranger 1: Don’t worry, at least you are OK. I think your sister will be more worried about you than the bike.

Stranger 2: Thank you so much. You are very kind. I better get home.

Stranger 1: Can you manage OK?

Stranger 2: Yes, it’s OK - I live just round the corner. Thank you again for your help. My name is Sarah - I’m glad to meet you.

Stranger 1: I’m Sue, nice to meet you too. I live in this neighbourhood too. Actually I just moved here with my family.

Stranger 2: You do! That’s excellent. Hey, would you like to come and meet my sister? We would be glad to show you around.

Stranger 1: OK, that would be great. I was just taking a walk.

Stranger 2: Come, it’s this way.

(Scene ends with Sarah and Sue walking off around the corner).

Your dialogue

For your dialogue, you will make up the story yourself. The only rules are:

If this goes well, I might ask you to act out your play for the group. But I will give you a grade based only on what you write.