Assignment 6

The assignment I gave you for this (which is below) was too hard. So, here is an easier assignment. If you do the Duolingo test one day to give yourself an English language certificate that can be used for entry to university, the hardest kind of question is this one. You are shown a photograph and in only 1 minute (!!!) you have to write a short description. You need to write 2-3 sentences with good grammar, spelling and it should make sense.

So - let’s do this for assignment 6. Below there is a link that will open a picture. When you are ready, click the link and open the picture. Time yourself to write a description - try to do it in 1 minute only (but take longer if that’s too hard). Then send me your description. You can type straight into WhatsApp for this one.

Before you do this - here is an example picture with a good answer:

When you are ready - the picture you must describe is here




Old (hard) assignment 6

In this weeks assignment, you are going to write an “opinion piece” for a magazine for young people. The target audience is teenage girls who buy this magazine each month. You should try to make your writing both serious and fun, so that the audience will be interested to read. Make sure you use good grammar. The subject is Life with my cell phone. You should explain what you think is good and what is bad about having a cell phone with your 24 hours a day. Try to give the readers advice about how they can have healthy cell phone habits. Write about 400 words.

Make sure your write your name on your assignment, and also write the date.

When you have completed your assignment, send it to me. You can send in any format except screen shots. PDF, word document, or text in a WhatsApp message is fine.