NEXT MEETING: Thursday September 29th, 2022

Meet between the elevators and the Starbucks in the Murray Library, ground floor.

Inform and Connect Meetups - Terms of Reference

Updated: 27-Aug-2022

We will hold meetings between the mentors and mentees on an approximately monthly basis, or as required.

The meetings will be conducted on campus, typically in the Murray library. There will be no less than two mentors present.

Key members of the mentoring team are Wenona Partridge, Susan Bens and Andrew Ireson. We will also try to have representatives from Admissions, and extend invitations to our extended network of volunteer students, staff and faculty.

In the short-term, invitations to individuals in the student group will be managed by the team of new-students - members of the Hazara community.

We will provide information and guidance around many issues, which may include the following:

  • What programs are available at the U of S

  • What the admissions requirements are for specific programs and how the students could provide evidence to meet these

  • How and when to apply for programs

  • Who to approach for information

  • What funding opportunities might be available and how to apply for these

  • What English language training programs are available, and how to apply for these, and how to apply for funding, if available.

  • We will provide opportunities for potential students to network with one another and make connections so that they can help one-another