Update: 27-Aug-2022

We will not be seeking to make one-on-one pairings between a mentor and mentee, but will rather be focused on group meetups where multiple mentors and mentees will connect at the same time, in a safe and unintimidating environment in the Murray Library.

However, the guidelines below are still useful for the rules of interactions between mentors and mentees.


Working with a mentee should be 99% common sense, and 100% rewarding! We offer here some friendly “rules” that you should review before starting with your mentee.

  • Do not offer money or financial assistance to your mentee

  • Do not allow yourself to become a taxi service for the mentee, or routine provider of any other kind of practical assistance 

  • If you are faced with any challenging problems that you don’t know how to deal with+, know that the mentee has got a counsellor whose job it is to deal with this, and you should tell them to contact them. If this persists, we can help make the connection with the right people in the open door society. (+An example might be a family member in Afghanistan that you are being asked to help - you cannot do that)

  • Be sensitive to your mentee’s religious/cultural practises, but also don’t over think this

  • Do engage with them in the way that works for you and them. It could be face to face meetings on campus, emails, WhatsApp messages, phone calls, or whatever works for both you and the mentee.

  • Face to face meetings should be conducted on campus, as with any other student, and it is recommended that you meet in a public space rather than a closed office.

  • After you get to know the mentee, if you are invited by the mentee to their house/elsewhere, you may go, at your own discretion. You should not invite the mentee to your home on their own, but again, at your discretion, you could invite them in a group of their friends or family. This is for your protection and theirs.

  • You can reach out to us anytime if you are having problems or questions or have suggestions for me about this program